Letter: Don’t delay dentist visit


By Marilyn Meyer 


Gum disease can seriously hurt you.

Every year 2 million Americans will have a heart attack or stroke. Gum disease can cause them, being a chronic infection and inflammation going into the bloodstream. 

Gum disease can also cause diabetes or make it harder to manage.

Gum disease can even cause pregnancy complications such as miscarriage, preeclampsia and low birth weight. 

If you cannot afford to see a dentist, many resources are available for you to be charged per the ability to pay. Many these services will be almost free or very low cost. 

Do not be afraid to see a dentist regularly. Instead, you should be afraid of not going. 

For more information, contact these local resources. Polk County Health Department, (863) 965-6333; Talbot House of Lakeland, (863) 687-8475; Lakeland Volunteers in Medicine, (863) 688-5846; Central Florida Health Care (863) 292-4280. 

Luke Swanhart 

Winter Haven