Basic Scope of Services


Renovation of Central Florida Health Care Clinic located at 705 Ingraham Avenue, Haines City, FL 33844 as per plans.


Link to plans:


Final completion within 180 calendar days.


Liquidated damages shall be assessed at $250.00 per day.


Bid Notes 


The successful contractor shall furnish a Hurricane Preparedness Plan.

Minimum Qualifications

The proposing Contractor and Subcontractor(s) shall submit satisfactory evidence of experience in similar Work and of the organization, capital, equipment, and machinery necessary to complete the Work to the satisfaction of the Owner within the specified Contract times. The proposing Contractor and Subcontractor(s) must meet the following minimum qualifications to be considered for selection:


  1. The bidding Contractor must have a General Contractor license.

  2. The Contractor and Subcontractors(s) must have been in business in Florida under the present business names and license numbers for a minimum of the past five (5) years.

  3. The Contractor and Subcontractor(s) must have personnel who are full qualified and experienced to supervise or perform the scope of work in compliance with the Plans and Specifications.



Bidders are encouraged to read the following instructions carefully.  Deviations, changes, modifications or failures to complete the bid can, and in some instances shall, invalidate the bid.


Date and Place of Bid Opening

Sealed bids will be received at the Central Florida Health Care Administration office, 47 5th Street, NW, Winter Haven, FL  33881, at the time set forth on the Advertisement for Bids (RFB).  Bid received after the designated time and date will not be considered.  Bids will be publicly         opened and read.  If an award of the Contract is made, it will be as soon thereafter as is practical.



Verbal interpretations of the meaning of the Drawings, Specifications, or other Contract Documents will not be valid. Every request for       interpretation shall be in writing and emailed to no later than 5:00PM on Monday the week prior to the due date. 
We will respond to all such requests for interpretation not later than (5) calendar days prior to the bid opening date fixed for the opening of bids. Bidders must acknowledge receipt of the addenda in their bid. Failure of any bidder to receive, or to acknowledge receipt of any such addenda shall not relieve such bidder from any obligation under its bid as submitted, provided, however, that failure to so acknowledge receipt of any such addenda may render a bid non-responsive and result in its rejection. Bidders are advised to contact Central Florida Health Care prior to submitting bids to satisfy themselves as to the existence and number of all such addenda.

Preparation of Bids

Bids shall be submitted on the Bid Form(s) furnished or upon an exact copy thereof, and must be signed by an authorized representative of the firm submitting the bid.  Central Florida Health Care shall not consider any information other than that contained on the Bid Forms; specifically, nothing written on the envelope in which the Bid Forms are contained will be considered except for purposes of identification. Bidders must quote on all items listed and failure to do so will disqualify the bid.  The intent of the Bid Form is to secure a price for the work described in the Contract Documents. All bid preparation costs shall be borne by the bidder. CFHC will not be responsible for paying any bidder for its costs incurred in preparing its bid.


Credentials of bidders/Licenses

All Bidders shall provide proof that they are properly certified or registered as a Contractor by the state of Florida applicable to this type of work. Other information, including, but not limited to, references and financial data shall be provided upon specific request the Central Florida Health Care.


Bidders Disclosure

In each bid by an individual or firm, there shall be stated the name and address of every person having an interest in the bid; and in case of a corporation the names and addresses of its officers.  Bids shall be signed by the person or member of the firm making the same, and in the case of a corporation, by some authorized officer or agent subscribing the name of the corporation and his own name.  Once bids are opened, they become the property of Central Florida Health Care and will not be returned.


Joint Venture

If the bid involves a joint venture, a copy of the joint venture agreement shall be included with the bid along with the attached “Statement of Business Organization”.


Public Entity Crimes

Any bidder, or any of his suppliers, subcontractors, or consultants who shall perform work which is intended to benefit Central Florida Health Care shall not be a convicted vendor or, if the bidder or any of his suppliers, subcontractors, or consultants of the bidder have been convicted of a public entity crime a period longer than 36 months shall have passed since that person was placed on the convicted vendor list. The bidder further understands and accepts that any contract issues as a result of this solicitation shall be either voidable by Central Florida Health Care or subject to immediate termination by Central Florida Health Care, in the event there   is any misrepresentation or lack of compliance with the mandates of  Section 287.133 Florida Statutes.  Central Florida Health Care, in the event   of such termination, shall not incur any liability to the respondent for any work or materials furnished.

Delivery of Bids

The bid shall be submitted in a sealed envelope and must indicate on the outside, bidder name, bid name and number, and the bid due date.  Central Florida Health Care shall not be responsible for bids improperly identified.  If forwarded by regular mail or express mail, the sealed envelope containing the bid and marked as directed above, shall be enclosed in a another envelope addressed to the U.S. Mail address indicated on the cover page.  If forwarded by overnight courier services (other than Untied States Postal Service Express Mail), the sealed envelope containing the bid and marked as directed above, shall be enclosed in another envelope addressed to the street address indicated on the cover page.  Bids may be hand-delivered.  Bids by fax or e-mail will NOT be accepted.  Central Florida Health Care cautions bidders to assure actual delivery of mailed or hand-delivered bids directly to the Administration office, 47 5th Street, NW, Winter Haven, FL  33881.  Confirmation of timely receipt of the bid may be made by e-mailing before bid opening time.  Bids received after the established deadline shall not be considered.

Withdrawal of Bids

Prior to opening, a bid may be withdrawn provided that the bidder submits a written request that is signed by an authorized representative of the firm that submitted the bid.  However, modifications will not be accepted or acknowledged.

Notice of Intended Award

Notice of award will be posted on   Central Florida Health Care does not notify all bidders of award or intent to award.

Acceptance or Rejection of Bids

Central Florida Health Care reserves the right to reject any and all bids when (i) such rejection is in the interest of Central Florida Health Care; (ii)such bid is void per se; or (iii)the bid contains any irregularities, PROVIDED, however, that Central Florida Health Care reserves the right to waive any minor irregularities and to accept the lowest responsible and responsive bid determined by Central Florida Health Care.  Bids may be considered irregular if there are omissions, unauthorized alterations of any forms, additions not called for, conditional or unauthorized alternate bids, or irregularities of any kind.  Central Florida Health Care reserves the right to request a written confirmation of the bid and the responsibility of the bidder prior to the awarding of the Contract.  Failure of the bidder to confirm the bid within seven (7) working days front the date of Central Florida Health Care’s request may render the bid unresponsive and will entitle Central Florida Health Care to award to the next lowest bidder and may require forfeiture of the bid bond.


Reliance Upon Bid

Central Florida Health Care shall be entitled to rely upon all representations, including financial and other terms of performance, contained within a bid.  The bidder further agrees to be bound to perform in accordance with its bid terms, including price.  All bid terms, including price, shall be valid for a period of 90 calendar days from the date of the bid opening.


The bidder understands that this Request for Bids does not constitute a Contract with the bidder.  Central Florida Health Care contracts are awarded only when a fully executed written agreement has been returned to the Bidder by Central Florida Health Care.  No one shall be entitled to rely on any other action as an award.  Central Florida Health Care will not be liable for any costs incurred by the bidder prior to execution of the contract by the parties.  The bidder to whom the award is made shall, within fourteen (14) calendar days after receipt of the Contract, execute the contract on the form attached and return it to Central Florida Health Care.  The executed Contract should be returned to Central Florida Health Care accompanied by the required performance and payment bonds as set forth herein.  If the bidder fails to execute the Contract or provide the insurance and bonds within 15 (15) calendar days, there shall be just cause for the annulment of the award and forfeiture of the Bid Guaranty to Central Florida Health Care.  Award may then be made to the next lowest, responsible, and responsive bidder or the work may be re-advertised at Central Florida Health Care’s sole discretion.

Substitute Material and Equipment

A Contract, if awarded, will be on the basis of material and equipment described in the Drawings and the Technical Specification without consideration of possible substitute or an “or equal” item of material or equipment may be furnished or used by the Contractor if acceptable to the Engineer, application for such acceptance will not be considered by the Engineer until after the date of execution of the Contract.  In all cases, the low bidder shall be determined on the basis of the bas bid which shall reflect the costs for the materials and equipment specified.  Any bidder unable to provide the specified materials and equipment shall be determined unresponsive.

Equal Opportunity

Central Florida Health Care recognizes fair and open competition as a basic tenet of public procurement.  Contractors doing business with Central Florida Health Care are prohibited from discriminating on the basis of race, color, creed, national origin, handicap, age or sex.


For the purpose of award, Central Florida Health Care will consider as the bid the correct summation of each unit price multiplied by the estimated quantities or the submitted total of all line items at Central Florida Health Care’s sole discretion and in Central Florida Health Care’s best interest.

Performance during emergency

By submitting a bid, bidder agrees and promises that, during and after a public emergency, disaster, hurricane, flood, or acts of God, Central Florida Health Care shall be given “first priority” for all goods and services under this contract (if applicable).  Bidder agrees to provide all goods and services to Central Florida Health Care throughout the emergency/disaster at the terms, conditions, and prices as provided in this solicitation, and with a priority above, a preference over, sales to the private sector.  Bidder shall furnish a 24-hour phone number and address to Central Florida Health Care in the event of such an emergency.  Failure to provide the stated priority/preference during an emergency/disaster shall constitute breach of contract and make the bidder subject to sanctions from further business with Central Florida Health Care.

Utilization of Small Business Concerns

It is the Policy of the United States, the State of Florida, or the County that    small business concerns, veteran-owned small business concerns, service-disabled veteran-owned small business concerns, hubzone small business concerns, small disadvantaged business concerns, and women-owned small business concerns (hereinafter “small business concerns”) shall have the maximum practicable opportunity to participate in performing contracts, including contracts and subcontracts.  It is further the policy that its prime contractors establish procedures to ensure the timely payment of amounts due pursuant to the terms of their subcontracts with small business concerns. The contractor hereby agrees to carry out this policy in the awarding of subcontracts to the fullest extent consistent with efficient contract performance. The contractor further agrees to cooperate in any studies or surveys as may be conducted by the appropriate government agency as may be necessary to determine the extent of the contractors’ compliance with this clause.

Disadvantaged Business Enterprise

Contractors, consultants, sub-contractors and/or sub-recipients shall not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin or sex in the performance of this contract.

Additional Vendor Requirements

The successful bidder(s) is required to comply with the Immigration Reform Act of 1986 (IRCA) which requires all individuals hired after November 6, 1986, to provide employers with proof of citizenship or authorization to work in the United States.


Federal, State and County Regulations

The successful bidder(s) and their employees shall conform to all Federal, State and County regulations while in performance of their contracts.  Any individual found not to conform shall not be allowed to start to work or if started shall be required to leave the job site immediately. Continued violations by any Successful Bidder shall result in the immediate  termination of the Successful Bidder contract.

Prohibited Communications

Potential bidders shall not communicate in any way regarding this contract with Central Florida Health Care’s Board of Directors or any staff regarding  this Request for Bid (RFB) from the time of bid advertisement through and including bid award. Such communication shall result in disqualification.

Conflict of Interest

The award hereunder is subject to provisions of State Statutes and County Ordinance.  All bidders must disclose with their bid the name of any officer, director, or agent who is also an employee of Central Florida Health Care. Further, all bidders must disclose the name of any Central Florida Health Care employee who owns, directly or indirectly, interest of ten percent  (10%) or more in the bidder’s company or any of its branches.