Central Florida Health Care, Inc. Opens New Clinic
LPN Helps Pioneer the Project for the Mulberry Community


IF YOU BUILD IT, they will come! at’s what they say and that is what we

expect will happen! e Mulberry community celebrated the official opening of our new clinic on Wednesday, April 8. Central Florida Health Care, Inc. expanded one trailer, to a two story, twelve-trailer, seamless, modular work of art that will house family practice, pediatrics, and preventive dental care that will begin with cleanings and sealants for children.


The completion of the building took just over a year; opening in a trailer on March 10, 2014, with the first patient seen on April 6, 2015 in the new facility. The pioneer of this project, Tammy Wyatt, a pediatric LPN, saw it through from day one. She sent progression photos and updates in real time to administration and was excited to see what became of the rubble.


When asked what her favorite part was about this journey, she replied, “Seeing it all pieced together. It began as just an empty lot. Then it was a parking lot with a trailer. The land was cleared and mounds of dirt were dumped.” Tammy often wondered how high they could get the loads of dirt before they toppled to the ground. The puzzle pieces sat dormant in the field and all of a sudden it was here.


Tammy has been an LPN for two and a half years, and has worked for Central Florida Health Care, Inc. since she graduated from nursing school. She is also the Vaccines for Children Coordinator for the Mulberry clinic and she loves what she does. This adventure would not have been such a fun ride without her weekly updates of what was unfolding. We asked Tammy what this Mulberry Clinic opening meant to her and the community. “More space,” she said. “Plus, now we can help a community that really needs patient care.”


Central Florida Health Care, Inc. is expanding by leaps and bounds to better serve our patients. Mulberry is our ninth physical site. Our clinics provide preventive and primary medical and dental care in Highlands, Hardee, and Polk counties. Specifically for our new Mulberry clinic, this is an exciting step forward and we cannot wait to see what the future holds.