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Focus on Migrant Health


Central Florida healthcare is a community health center whose sole purpose is to provide excellent care at affordable rates to everybody in the community.


We feel that we have a unique position because: 

  • We have a culturally diverse staff who are going to be sensitive to patient needs

  • Bilingual services offered.

  • We are part of a larger movement of community health centers across the united states and as such our patients will have continuity of care if they move to another location.

  • We accept various forms of identification such as passport or documents from the consulate.

  • We will try and get you and members of your family who are eligible, access to insurance programs such as Medicaid.

  • We offer amazing pay discounts based on your family income. All we need is a pay stub, tax return or any other eligible document showing how much you earned.

  • You may get additional discounts if you live in Polk county and have evidence of being a resident such as paid utilities, driver's license etc.